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Export to Norway

Export to Norway

The first thing you need to know, if you are going to export to Norway, is that the country is not a member of the EU. This means that there are rules of conduct and customs rules that you, as an entrepreneur, need to know about in order not to incur unnecessary fees. In the worst case, your goods and goods may be refused entry by Norwegian customs.


There is no free trade between Norway and Sweden. However, it can be called free movement with reservations. Although the country is not a member of the EU, Norway is part of the EUs internal market where free movement of goods and services must prevail. In addition to the EUs 27 member states, the internal market also includes Norway, Iceland and Liechtenstein. The three countries have a trade agreement (EES) with the EU, which means free movement of goods and services. With some exceptions.


You as a company will have to pay customs fees and complete the correct customs declarations in order to successfully complete an import from Sweden into Norway.

By using a customs broker like Tullify, you can feel confident that all your goods and cargo will enter Norway and reach their final destination. We handle your case within just a few hours of it reaching our staff. You can contact our staff via chat, form, email or call.

How do I export to Norway from Sweden?

There are several different ways you can carry out an export from Sweden to Norway. The easiest way is to contact us at Tullify and let us help you with the customs declaration and the export in its entirety. Through us, you get help with the following steps that must be carried out according to Norwegian customs:


  • VAT handling and various costs that may be added (incl. excise taxes)

  • Customs rules and customs costs for specific goods

  • Correct declarations and declaration forms to be completed

  • Customs clearance of goods

  • Classification of your goods

  • Advice


If, against all odds, something should happen when you have sent your goods to Norway, we will help you. There may be questions from Norwegian customs that you may not understand. We at Tullify have extensive experience in customs handling and we have good knowledge of how exports and imports should be carried out to Norway.

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Customs rules when you have to send goods and goods to Norway

Norway is not part of the EUs common customs area - only countries that are members of the EU are. Within the EUs customs area, all customs formalities and customs controls between member states have been removed. Here, trade in goods is regulated by common customs legislation. When a product has been customs processed in connection with import from a country outside the EU, the product can circulate freely and be resold within the EU.


The requirements for the importation of goods and services are often the same in the EU and ESS. Other goods must be mutually recognized by the authorities of the EU and EEA countries. It assumes that the goods meet the same rules for origin that apply to reduced duty in the EEA agreement. There are also goods that are regulated differently. Some are also not covered by the EEA agreement. It may be a reason why goods are not accepted by the customs authority of the receiving country.

How much does it cost to export to Norway?

We at Tullfy can guarantee you good prices when you choose to export to Norway. Regardless of the size of your export, we have a solution and a price proposal for you and your company.

The prices of what it costs to export to Norway vary. Some of the factors that affect the price are different Norwegian customs regulations, inflation, what type of goods you import into Norway and the volume of the entire import.


Note: In Norway, you are exempt from the obligation to declare if you order goods from abroad where the value of the shipment is less than NOK 350, including shipping and insurance costs.

What customs documents are required for export to Norway?

In order, as a Swedish company, to be able to export to Norway, a Swedish export declaration is required. In short, it can be said that it allows you to leave the EU. You also need to solve a Norwegian Import Declaration in consultation with the buyer. We offer to help you with both pieces so you dont have to mess with it.

5 Steps to sell to Norway

In order for the declaration to Norway to be carried out as quickly and simply as possible, you need to be aware of which rules and which documentation applies to your particular goods.


Here are 5 important points to help you get started.


  • 1. Apply for an EORI number

EORI number is a unique registration number used to identify your company

within the EU. Apply for the number here or we can check if you already have one for you.


  • 2. Find out the product code and duty rate for your item

On the Swedish Customs Administrations website you will find both the Swedish commodity code and a reference to the Norwegian one. If you need help with the classification, just get in touch.


  • 3. Check export regulations in Norway

There may be export restrictions for your goods in Norway. For some types of goods you will need a license or permit. Goods subject to restrictions in Norway include food and plants, alcoholic beverages and electrical products. In Norway, you also always have to pay input VAT and declare VAT.


  • 4. Produce the correct documentation (supporting documents). 

To show what you are exporting, a commercial invoice called Commercial Invoice is usually used,

but for goods that are not paid or charged for, a Proforma Invoice is used instead. You can choose to send the customs documentation electronically as EDI or via the Swedish Customs Administrations Internet declaration (TID). Or you call us and we will help you - from start to finish.


  • 5. Do you need an export certificate?

In a few cases, for example in case of temporary export or request for refund of duty on return, you may need proof that the goods have left the EU. The Tax Agency or other authorities can by others

reasons also want to see an export certificate. To get this, enter the code 30400 in the field

"special information/code" in the export declaration.

FAQ - Read about the most common questions about exporting to Norway

What is required to export to Norway?

What is required to export to Norway is a Swedish export declaration together with a Norwegian import declaration. We can help you with both if you wish.

What documents are required to export to Norway?

The supporting document you need to have: Invoice, proforma or receipt. If package and weight are not stated above, that is also required. You must be able to show your supporting documents if the Swedish Customs Administration requests it. Keep in mind that the country to which you are exporting may make different requirements on the invoice and other documentation than the one that applies in Sweden.

Is Norway in the ESS agreement?

Yes, this free trade agreement applies to Norway, EU countries, Iceland and Liechtenstein. Which means that there is almost duty-free trade for all goods and free movement of most goods, services, capital and people between Norway and the EU. (But not all goods)

Why export from Sweden to Norway

One of the many reasons is that you have a good chance of success. Norway and Sweden are like big brother and little brother and throughout history we have had many different collaborations. Our shared history, cultural heritage and our neighborhood make it smooth and easy to work with and understand each other. Our linguistic similarities give Swedish companies good chances to succeed in doing business in Norway.

Is there a duty when exporting to Norway?

When exporting to Norway, you leave the EU when you cross the border and may therefore have to pay customs duty. But as Norway is a member of the EEA, there is free trade between Norway and Sweden, which means that the recipient does not have to pay duty for most goods. It is mainly textiles, food and drink that are subject to customs duties from Sweden to Norway. 

Can you send goods for temporary export to Norway? 

Yes, if you are going to carry out work, send goods for exhibitions or sample collections, you can send them for temporary export and then re-import your goods without paying duty or VAT. You need an export certificate and you do not need to pre-declare your goods to Norwegian customs. 

Is it common to export to Norway?

Yes, Swedens largest trading partner is Norway.

Exportera till Norge
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