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Everything you need to know about revisions

Welcome to our guide on revisions of Swedish import declarations.

If you want to save money and optimize your import process, this is something you should definitely consider. By carefully reviewing your import declarations, you can spot any errors or overlaps that could lead to unnecessary costs. We help you navigate this process and maximize your savings. Read on to learn more about how you can benefit from revisions of Swedish import declarations.

Import reviews are an important part of international trade and are a process aimed at ensuring that goods imported into a country meet the rules and standards that apply to safety, health and the environment. This is important to protect the national market, consumers and the environment.

Here are 5 points on how a review of Swedish import declarations can be carried out:


  1. Initiation of revision: A revision of an import declaration can be initiated by the Customs or by the person who declared the goods. If the Swedish Customs Administration chooses to carry out a revision, they will notify the declared person or company accordingly.

  2. Review of declaration: Before a revision begins, the Customs Agency will review the import declaration and identify the areas where a revision may need to be carried out. This may involve double-checking the goods' classification, origin, value and other information.

  3. Documentation: In order to carry out the revision, the Customs Agency will need documentation from the declared person or company that proves the correctness of the declaration. This can be invoices, transport documents or other documents that show the origin and value of the goods.

  4. Review of documentation: Customs will review the documentation submitted by the declared person or company to see if it matches the declaration and if there are any differences or discrepancies.

  5. Decision: After the revision has been completed, the Customs Agency will make a decision on the declaration and notify the declared person or company of the result. If the Swedish Customs Administration finds that the declaration does not match the documentation, this may lead to the customs fees being adjusted and possibly fines or other penalties may be imposed.

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