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Importdeklaration och importhantering
"Tullify makes our export declarations really fast and with very good feedback, we recommend Tullify!"
Precomp Solutions AB

What is an import declaration?

If you buy goods from a country outside the EU to Sweden, you must declare your goods, this is called an import declaration. For example, if you are importing from the United States, you will need an import declaration. You can do it yourself or get help from us - the small business' best friend when importing.


An import declaration is sent electronically or via a physical form to the Swedish Customs. The declaration must state, among other things, the correct number of item items, the correct item codes and who the declarant / representative is.


You can do it yourself but it can be perceived as time consuming and difficult. That is why many have chosen to turn to us at Tullify. We have worked with customs for over 20 years and we love what we do.

Things to keep in mind when importing

Regardless of which country you import from, it can be good to keep track of special import rules.  

Before importing, it is important to find out if there are any barriers to importing from that country. Either you spend hours getting to grips with it or you call us and we will help you with it.


No general permit is required to start importing, only EORI numbers. If you apply for this digitally on the Swedish Customs' website, you will usually receive your EORI number within one hour. At , you can read for yourself what is expected of you if you choose to carry out the import on your own. 


​Just like when you buy goods in Sweden, you have to pay VAT when you import an item. VAT-registered companies pay VAT to the Swedish Tax Agency (Skatteverket)  if they do not pay to the Swedish Customs.


All goods have a unique number which in turn is the basis for how much customs and other fees you have to pay. There can be a big difference in tariffs on different HS-codes and depending on which country you import from, be sure to choose the right HS-code. 

An HS-code consists of eight to ten digits.  8 for export and 10 for import. Should any figure go wrong, it can be both expensive and lengthy. So let's take care of it instead.


- HS number: the first four digits

- HS subheading: the first six digits

Combined Nomenclature CN code: eight-digit commodity codes

- Taric number: Is the complete item code with 10 digits.

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