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Swedish exports of cars to countries outside the EU have become increasingly common in recent years. Cars are an important export product for Sweden and there are many companies that specialize in exporting cars to countries such as Switzerland, Serbia, Kosovo, North Macedonia and other countries in Europe outside the EU. In this text, we will go through what is important to consider when exporting cars from Sweden to countries outside the EU.
In order to export a car from Sweden to a country outside the EU, you need to fill in and send in one export declaration to customs. It is important that the export declaration is filled in correctly and that all information is correct. If the export declaration is not filled in correctly, it can lead to problems with customs and delays in the export process. - Link to Notify us here. 
When you export a car from Sweden to a country outside the EU, it is also important that you have all the necessary documents and permits required for the export. This includes, for example, a transport document, an invoice and a certificate of origin.

We at Tullify can help you through the entire process and what we need from you is:

  • Invoice with value, sender & recipient. 

  • Registration number or copy of the blue part of the registration certificate.

  • VIN number/Chassis number.

  • Exit customs office, i.e. the last place out of the EU.

If we receive the above, we will solve the export quickly and easily for you or your customers. 
In order for the car to be imported to the country to which it is exported, it may also be required to adapt the car to the country's rules and requirements. It could, for example, be about replacing lights or adapting the car's engine to meet the country's emissions and safety requirements.
Last but not least, it is important that you have knowledge of the customs duties and taxes that apply to exporting cars to countries outside the EU. Customs duties and taxes may vary depending on which country you are exporting to and which type of car you are exporting.
In summary, it is important to have knowledge of the rules and requirements that apply when exporting cars from Sweden to countries outside the EU. By having the right documents and permits, adapting the car to the country's regulations and having knowledge of customs duties and taxes, you can avoid problems and delays in the export process. Tullify AB are experts in customs handling and can help companies with all steps in the export process, from filling in the export declaration to adapting the car to the country's regulations.

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Export av bilar från Sverige

What do I do if I want to fill in an export declaration to export my car outside the EU?

Exporting a car outside the EU means that you must comply with both Swedish and international regulations for exports. The process may vary slightly depending on the country of destination, but here are some general steps you can follow:

  • Verify export requirements: Before exporting the car, you should check the specific requirements for exporting to the country you plan to export to. It may include technical standards, fees, and taxes.​

  • Make sure you're right documentation: This can include the registration certificate, purchase agreement, and any other documents that prove your ownership and the origin of the car.

  • Fill in one export declaration: To export goods, including vehicles, outside the EU, you must complete an export declaration. This is usually done electronically through the Customs Service's e-services. You need to create an account and follow their step-by-step guide to declare your export.

  • Used TARIC code: To fill in the export declaration correctly, you need to enter a TARIC code (the combined nomenclature) for the car. This code helps customs to identify the type of goods you are exporting.

  • Make an appointment with customs for export inspection: In some cases, you may need to book an appointment with the Customs so that they can inspect the car and the associated documents before export.

  • Pay any fees: There may be duties and taxes that must be paid to export the car. This may include export duties, VAT, and other taxes depending on the country of destination.

  • Transport and shipping: Organize the transport of the car to the destination country. It may be a good idea to contact a freight company that specializes in international vehicle transport for help with this.

  • Follow up with the destination country's import rules: Once the car has arrived in the destination country, it must meet the country's import requirements and possibly undergo additional customs processing and payment of import duties.

What happens if I do not carry out a car export correctly?


Not carrying out a car export in the right way can lead to a series of complications that are not only time-consuming but can also mean financial losses. If the customs declaration is not completed correctly or if the necessary fees and duties are not paid, it may result in the export process being delayed. This means that the vehicle can be held in bonded warehouse, which entails storage costs and potential delays in the delivery schedule.

Furthermore, failure to comply with export procedures may result in fines and penalties from customs authorities. These fines vary depending on the seriousness of the violation and can negatively affect both the individual exporter's and the company's financial situation.

In more serious cases where violations are deemed serious, it can also lead to legal action and, in some cases, confiscation of the vehicle. This can not only lead to significant financial losses but also damage the company's reputation and its future business prospects.

Therefore, it is of the utmost importance that anyone who intends to export a vehicle outside the EU carefully follows the established ones customs and export procedures. It is recommended to seek guidance from customs authorities or professional customs brokers to ensure that all necessary steps and documentation requirements are completed correctly, contributing to a smooth and consistent export process.

Export av bil till land utanför EU.

Vad är en exportdeklaration?

En exportdeklaration är ett dokument som krävs när du exporterar varor, som din bil, till länder utanför EU. Det är genom detta dokument du rapporterar detaljer om bilen till Tullverket, vilket är ett steg för att säkerställa att allting går rätt till.

Hur går jag tillväga för att göra en exportdeklaration för min bil?

Vi på Tullify kan hjälpa dig att lämna in din exportdeklaration elektroniskt. Vår expertis säkerställer att all information är korrekt och att processen blir så smidig som möjligt för dig.

Vilka risker finns det med att inte deklarera korrekt?

Om exportdeklarationen inte är korrekt kan det leda till böter eller andra påföljder. Dessutom kan det skapa problem vid gränsen i det nya landet, vilket kan bli både dyrt och tidskrävande.

Vilka dokument behöver jag för att skicka min bil utanför EU?

Att skicka din bil på en internationell resa kräver lite pappersarbete:

  • Exportdeklaration.

  • Båda delarna av registreringsbeviset.

  • Ett köpekontrakt eller en faktura som visar vad bilen såldes för.

  • Ibland ytterligare dokument beroende på mottagarlandets krav, som importtillstånd.

Vad händer efter att exportdeklarationen är godkänd?

När din deklaration är godkänd får du ett dokument som bekräftar att din bil har exporterats på rätt sätt. Detta dokument är viktigt och måste tas med när bilen anländer till sitt nya hemland, för att underlätta eventuell vidare tullhantering.

Kan jag få tillbaka momsen på bilen när jag exporterar den?

Absolut, om du säljer bilen till någon utanför EU kan du ansöka om att få tillbaka momsen du betalat. Vi på Tullify kan hjälpa dig med det första steget i denna process, att skapa en exportdeklaration. 

På Tullify förstår vi att processen att exportera en bil kan verka överväldigande. Det är därför vi är här för att hjälpa dig genom varje steg och se till att din bil når sitt nya mål utan komplikationer. Tveka inte att kontakta oss för all hjälp du behöver med din bilexport!
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