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T2L and T2LF: What you need to know about Transport and Storage documents

Transport and Storage documents, also known as T2L and T2LF, are important documents in international trade and customs handling. These documents are essential to facilitate the import and export of goods within the European Union (EU) and its customs union. In this article, we will explore what T2L and T2LF are and why they are important to companies engaged in international trade.


T2L - Transport document

T2L, which stands for "Transport Document," is a document used to prove that goods have been transported within the EU customs territory without paying customs duties and other import charges. It is particularly relevant for goods transported between two EU countries. The T2L serves as a receipt that shows that the goods have passed the customs authorities and are in free circulation within the EU. This document is particularly important to avoid double taxation and facilitate cross-border trade.

T2LF - Simplified Transport Document

T2LF, "Simplified Transport Document," is a variant of T2L used to simplify the trade of goods passing through several EU countries before reaching their final destination. This document is used to avoid unnecessary customs procedures at each border crossing and allows the goods to be transported smoothly through several EU countries without paying customs or other charges at each border.

Importance of T2L and T2LF

T2L and T2LF are essential for companies conducting international trade within the EU. By using these documents, companies can reduce their administrative burdens and avoid unnecessary costs and delays at border crossings. This promotes smoother trade and enables companies to be more competitive in the international market.

To obtain T2L and T2LF, companies must apply to their national customs authorities and follow the specific rules and procedures that apply. It is important to carefully follow these rules to avoid problems and delays in connection with customs clearance.


T2L and T2LF indispensable tools for companies conducting international trade within the EU. These documents enable smoother and more cost-effective trade by avoiding double taxation and unnecessary customs procedures. For companies striving to expand their presence in the international market, the understanding and proper use of T2L and T2LF is of utmost importance.

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T2L och T2LF: Vad du behöver veta om Transport- och Lagringsdokument
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