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The A.TR certificate

The ATR certificate, also known as A.TR., stands for "Admission Temporaire - Temporary Admission" and is a document that facilitates trade between EU member countries and Turkey. It is particularly valuable for companies importing and exporting goods between these regions. By using an ATR certificate, companies can benefit from duty-free or reduced tariff rates on their goods, which can lead to significant cost savings and increased competitiveness.


Duty-Free or Reduced Tariffs

One of the greatest advantages of the ATR certificate is the possibility to import or export goods between the EU and Turkey under favorable tariff conditions. This can lead to significant cost savings for the company and enhance its competitiveness in the international market. By reducing or eliminating tariff costs, companies can increase their margins and offer more competitive prices to their customers.

Smoother Customs Process

The use of the ATR certificate significantly simplifies customs procedures and reduces the administrative burden for companies. This means that companies can save both time and resources, making it easier to conduct cross-border trade. An efficient customs process is crucial to ensuring quick deliveries and minimizing disruptions in the supply chain.

Increased Credibility with the A.TR Certificate

By using the ATR certificate, companies demonstrate that they comply with international trade regulations and are committed to engaging in cross-border business. This can increase trust among international business partners and open doors to new collaborations and business opportunities. Having a reliable and transparent trading process is a crucial factor in building long-term business relationships.

Tullify – Your Reliable Partner

Tullify is your reliable partner in ensuring that your international trade runs smoothly and efficiently. Our experts have extensive knowledge of the ATR certificate and can assist you with all aspects of the process, including:

Application for ATR Certificate

We help you prepare and submit ATR certificate applications to ensure that you meet all requirements and regulations. By ensuring that the application is accurately filled out and complete, we reduce the risk of delays and issues during customs clearance.

Document Management

We handle all documentation and paperwork required to ensure that your goods pass smoothly through customs. Our experience and attention to detail ensure that all documents are in order and that the customs clearance process proceeds as smoothly as possible.

Advisory and Support

Our experts are at your disposal to answer your questions and provide advice on best practices to leverage the benefits of the ATR certificate. We offer tailored advice based on your company's specific needs and trade goals.

Så här fyller du i ett varucertifikat A.TR

How to Fill Out an A.TR Goods Certificate

Filling out an A.TR goods certificate may seem complicated, but with the right guidance, it is a manageable task. Here is a step-by-step guide to ensure the certificate is filled out correctly:

  • Field 1: Enter the full name and address of the exporter.

  • Field 2: Transport document number (optional).

  • Field 3: Full name and address of the recipient (optional).

  • Field 5: Export country – specify the country, for example, Sweden, and avoid writing EU or European Community.

  • Field 6: Import country – specify Turkey.

  • Field 7: Transport details (optional).

  • Field 8: Remarks – here you can note according to the rules for duplicate certificates and certificates issued retrospectively.

  • Field 9: Article number – specify the item's position number in the certificate.

  • Field 10: Specify the marks, numbers, quantity, and type of the packages and the commercial description of the goods. If the field is not fully utilized, draw a horizontal line under the last line and fill the remaining empty space.

  • Field 11: Specify the gross weight or other quantity of the goods described in Field 10.

  • Field 12: This field is filled out by the customs authority of the export country. If you are an exporter with special permission, you stamp the goods certificate yourself with the stamp described in your permit.

  • Field 13: Specify the place, date, and signature.


Feeling overwhelmed? No problem!


Contact us at Tullify, and we will help you with the entire process, ensuring that your A.TR certificate is correctly filled out and ready for use.


The ATR certificate is a powerful resource for companies looking to simplify their international trade and reduce customs costs. At Tullify, we are dedicated to helping you take advantage of these benefits by offering tailored solutions that fit your company's needs. Contact us today to learn more about how we can support your business and ensure smoother international trade with the ATR certificate.

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