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Approved location for export - goods location code.

Do you want to export goods?

Do you want to declare goods for export from a place outside a customs office? Then you need an approval for the place where the goods are loaded for export. Here's everything you need to know about applying for such an approved location for smooth exports.

Who can apply?

To apply for an approved export location, your company must have an Eori number and be established within the EU.

If your company lacks an Eori number, you can read more about it and apply on the page for Eori.

How to apply:

Apply by filling in and printing the form. An authorized signatory must sign the form before it is sent in original to the Swedish Customs Administration.

Read about how the Swedish Customs Service processes personal data in connection with the application.

Go to the application for approved export location, TVEXP.Pdf, 128.4 kB.

Goods location code:

Customs assigns each approved export location a goods location code, a three-letter code that identifies the location where the goods are loaded for export. This code must be entered in the customs declaration to specify the location.

The customs declaration:

When exporting from an approved location, you can use either a standard customs declaration or a simplified declaration.

Standard customs declaration:

Submit the standard customs declaration to the Swedish Customs Administration with the message UGE. In the declaration, you must enter the goods location code for the approved location. If you have received a goods location code for several loading locations, you must also enter the address of the location in field 44.

Tullify can help you:

Tullify is an experienced partner who can assist with the export process and we have our own goods location code so you don't have to search for one and can use ours. With an assigned cargo location code, we can help manage your exports and ensure that all customs formalities are handled correctly and efficiently. We help you with your entire export process with our approved location for export.

Approved location for export - goods location code.

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