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Export to Åland

When a product is being exported to Åland, the exporting company must submit a customs declaration for export to the Swedish Customs. Companies without authorization to declare exports from an approved location must visit an export customs office (customs clearance expedition) to handle the export formalities. This also affects the type of customs declaration for export that should be used:

  • Standard customs declaration where the export is initiated from an export customs office, UNU.

  • Standard customs declaration with simultaneous declaration of goods, UGE.


The export accompanying document must then be presented to the export customs office. The customs clearance expeditions closest to the ports with traffic to Åland are Stockholm and Arlanda.

When it comes to sending out your awesome goods into the world, we at Tullify want to make it as smooth as possible. Therefore, our standard is to make UGEs, as we like to call them, perfectly suitable for those who want it quick and easy.

UGE is like having an express ticket through the customs process. Instead of waiting and queuing in customs, you do everything at once. You submit the customs declaration while releasing your goods for adventure. It saves time, energy, and allows you to focus on what really matters - your fantastic products.

Swedish export to Åland.

So, when you're ready to send out your goods on an adventure and want it done quickly and smoothly, the Standard Customs Declaration UGE from Tullify is the obvious choice. Let us help you turn the export process into a breeze and get your goods where they need to be - around the world!

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Export till Åland.
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