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What is a EUR1 certificate?

EUR1 certificate, also known as Certificate of Origin EUR.1, is a necessary document for companies involved in international trade. This certificate confirms the origin of your exported goods and can bring significant benefits to your business by reducing customs fees and simplifying customs clearance.

How we can help you:

Expertise in customs matters: With our team of experienced customs specialists, Tullify AB can guide you through the application process for the EUR1 certificate and ensure that all documentation is correct and in accordance with the applicable regulations.

Time saving: 

We know how valuable your time is. Tullify AB handles the entire process for you, which reduces your administrative work and gives you more time to focus on your core business.

Maximize your benefits: 

We help you take full advantage of the EUR1 certificate by ensuring that your goods meet the rules of origin and qualify for preferential customs treatment.

With Tullify you can take advantage of the benefits that the EUR1 certificate offers. Let us help you simplify your international trade, save time and resources and maximize your competitiveness in global markets.

Contact us today to start reaping the benefits of the EUR1 certificate and optimizing your international trade. Your success is our priority!

What is the ATR certificate?

The ATR certificate, which stands for "Admission Temporaire - Temporary Admission" is a document that facilitates trade between EU member states and Turkey. It is particularly useful for companies that import and export goods between these regions. With an ATR certificate, you can benefit from duty-free or reduced duties on goods.

Advantages of the ATR certificate:

Duty-free or reduced duties: By using the ATR certificate, you can import or export goods between the EU and Turkey with favorable customs conditions. This can lead to significant cost savings and increased competitiveness.

Smoother customs process: 

The ATR certificate simplifies customs procedures and reduces the administrative burden. This saves time and resources for your company and makes it easier to trade across borders.

Increased credibility: 

Using the ATR certificate shows that your business complies with international trade rules and is ready to engage in cross-border business. This can increase the trust of your international business partners.

Tullify AB is your reliable partner when it comes to ensuring that your international trade runs smoothly and efficiently. Our experts have extensive knowledge of the ATR certificate and can help you with the following:

  • ATR Certificate Application: We help you prepare and submit ATR certificate applications to ensure you meet all requirements and regulations.

  • Document management: We take care of all the documentation and paperwork required to ensure your goods flow smoothly through customs.

  • Advice and support: Our experts are at your disposal to answer your questions and advise on best practices to take advantage of the benefits of the ATR certificate.

The ATR certificate is a powerful resource for companies looking to simplify their international trade and reduce customs costs. At Tullify AB, we are dedicated to helping you take advantage of these benefits by offering tailored solutions that fit your business needs. Contact us today to learn more about how we can support your business and ensure smoother international trade with the ATR certificate.

What is a COO Certificate: 

A COO certificate (Certificate of Origin) is an important trade document that confirms the origin of goods and is used to benefit from trade agreements between countries. It helps determine tariff rates and terms of trade. To get it, documentation about the origin and processing of the goods is required. COO certificates facilitate international trade and reduce trade barriers. 

COO certificates serve several important purposes:


  • Customs handling: Customs authorities use COO certificates to determine customs duties, trade quotas and trade preferences.

  • Customer confidence: It gives your international customers assurance about the origin and quality of the products.

  • Tax benefits: Certain trade agreements and preferential schemes may provide tax benefits for goods with certificates of origin.


How can we help you with COO certificates?

Tullify AB is your reliable partner when it comes to navigating through the sometimes complicated process of obtaining a COO certificate. Our experts have a deep understanding of international trade and customs regulations and will guide you step by step.

Our services include:


  • Document management: We take care of all the paperwork and the COO certificate application process, saving you time and minimizing the risk of errors.

  • Regulatory compliance: We ensure that your application complies with all current trade agreements and regulations.

  • Fast results: We understand that time is money in international trade. Our efficient processes guarantee fast results.

A correctly issued COO certificate is essential to streamline your import and export and to maximize your business opportunities. Tullify AB is your reliable partner to ensure that your COO certificates are in perfect order. Contact us today to learn more about our services and how we can help you succeed in the global marketplace.

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