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Now you can get a COO Certificate from Tullify

Certificate of Origin, COO

As businesses expand globally, it is increasingly important to navigate international customs requirements with precision and insight. A central instrument in this process is the Certificate of Origin (COO). At Tullify AB, we specialize in facilitating the issuance of these certificates, ensuring that your goods meet global trade regulations and customs requirements.

What is a COO Certificate?

A COO certificate is a formal document that confirms the country of origin of the goods. It is used worldwide to prove the origin of goods, which is an essential aspect of international trade and customs procedures. The certificate of origin acts as an important indicator of goods' right of passage across international borders and can be crucial in availing the benefits of preferential tariff treatment and free trade agreements.


Why is COO important?

The COO certificate is a core component of both import and export processes and can have a significant impact on tariffs, import quotas and trade sanctions. It is often a necessary document for many countries and verifies the characteristics of the goods, making it extremely valuable for companies aiming to optimize their customs procedures and reduce trade costs.


Simplify with Tullify AB

With Tullify AB's comprehensive services for COO certificates, your company can easily navigate the sometimes complex process of obtaining these documents. Our expertise ensures that your goods are classified correctly and that all required information is correctly completed and meets international standards. Our support means you can look forward to a smooth process and focus on your core business and growth.


FAQ about COO Certificate

Q: Does the product have to be of Swedish origin? A: No it is not limited to a specific country of origin for your goods. The important thing is that you can verify the origin of the goods with proper documentation. If your goods have components from different countries, it is possible to list all relevant countries of origin in your application. It is therefore quite possible to have multiple origins listed for your goods, provided you have evidence to support this.


Q: How long does it take to get a COO through Tullify AB?

A: The time frame for obtaining a COO can vary depending on the complexity of the product's origin and the requirements of the destination country. Tullify AB strives to make the process as quick and smooth as possible.


Q: Is a COO certificate always necessary for international trade?

A: Although not a requirement for all transactions, it is highly recommended as a COO facilitates the customs process and can reduce customs charges under certain trade agreements.


Q: Can Tullify AB assist with electronic COO certificates?

A: Absolutely, we assist with both electronic and traditional COO certificates depending on your needs and the requirements of the country you do business with.


Q: What is the validity period of the certificate?

A: The certificate is valid for a period of four months from the date of issue.


Contact us for more info: Visit our website or contact Tullify AB directly to get more information about COO certificates and how we can help your company navigate the waters of global commerce effectively. Our experts are ready to ensure that your international business is smooth and cost-effective.

COO Certificate

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