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Everything you need to know about Customs ID: The identification number for smooth import and export

Understanding and using the Customs ID (customs identification number) is of crucial importance for efficient import and export. It is the unique number assigned to each consignment upon registration in the Customs Data System (TDS). By learning more about the Customs ID and its meaning, you can improve your shipment management and facilitate the process of import and export shipments.


What is Customs ID?

Customs ID is like a fingerprint for every import and export shipment. It is a unique identification number that is assigned each time a shipment is registered in the customs data system. This number enables the tracking and monitoring of the shipment throughout the customs process, which is essential to ensure a smooth import or export.


Why is Customs ID important?

Customs ID serves as a key component for customs authorities to identify, track and monitor goods passing through borders. It facilitates smoother customs handling and reduces the risk of delays or misunderstandings during the import or export process.


By having this unique identification number, customs authorities can quickly and accurately process shipments, reducing the risk of errors or delays. It also gives companies and individuals the opportunity to follow their shipments in real time and thereby streamline their logistics and planning.


How is the Customs ID used?

When a shipment is registered in the customs data system, it is assigned a Customs ID. This number follows the shipment throughout the customs process. It is used to track and monitor the shipment, facilitate customs clearance and ensure that the goods reach their destination without unnecessary delays.


For importers and exporters, it is important to be aware of and correctly enter the Customs ID for each shipment. This ensures that customs authorities have all the necessary information to efficiently manage shipments and facilitates a smooth transition through the customs process.



Customs ID is a central part of the import and export process. It is the unique identification number assigned to each shipment when it is registered in the customs data system. By using and understanding this number, one can ensure a smoother and more efficient import and export of goods, while reducing the risk of delays or mishandling of shipments.


By ensuring that the correct Customs ID is used and recorded correctly, companies and individuals can simplify their logistics and customs management and ensure that their goods reach their destinations on time and without problems.

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